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Safekeeping Digital Assets: Advancements in Custody Solutions for Widespread Adoption

As the digital asset industry continues to grow, the safe storage and custody of these assets are crucial to ensure their widespread adoption. In this session, industry experts will explore the latest advancements in digital asset custody, including security measures, risk management strategies, regulatory compliance, and the role of public/private keys. Attendees will gain insights into how these custody solutions are evolving and how they can adapt to meet the changing needs of the industry.


  • Adrien Treccani, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Metaco
  • Hong Fang, President, OKX & Chief Executive Officer, OKcoin
  • Lily King, Chief Operating Officer, Cobo Michael Chen, Head, HashKey Wealth
  • Michael Chen, Head, HashKey Wealth


  • Ben Reeve, Partner, Oliver Wyman