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Don't Miss the Latest Financial Innovations, Policy Developments, and Project Updates at the Point Zero Forum

Point Zero ForumJun 28, 2023 10:37:04 PM< 1 min read

Why the Point Zero Forum is so important

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Point Zero ForumJun 23, 2023 8:30:35 PM2 min read

Point Zero Forum: A Catalyst for Transformative Fintech Collaborations - The Kenanga and Ant Group Story

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Point Zero ForumJun 20, 2023 7:21:34 PM9 min read

What are Tokenised Deposits and how different are they from Stablecoins

Ivan Ferrari , Head of Business Development, Elevandi
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Point Zero ForumJun 9, 2023 8:24:41 PM5 min read

Navigating the Financial Frontier: Point Zero Forum 2023 Explores Digital Assets, Sustainability, and AI in an Ever-Evolving Landscape

Jaskaran Bhalla, Content Lead, Elevandi
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Japan FinTech FestivalMay 23, 2023 6:37:39 PM5 min read

En quoi les actifs numériques, les technologies fondées sur les critères ESG et l'IA générative peuvent-ils améliorer l'efficience et la durabilité des marchés financiers?

Zurich/Singapour, 23 mai 2023: du 26 au 28 juin 2023 se tiendra à Zurich la deuxième édition du Point Zero Forum, sur le thème ...
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Japan FinTech FestivalMay 23, 2023 6:21:36 PM4 min read

Programm veröffentlicht: Wie können digitale Vermögenswerte, ESG-Technologie und generative KI die Finanzmärkte effizienter und nachhaltiger machen?

Zürich/Singapur, 23. Mai 2023: Hochrangige Entscheidungsträger aus Politik, Aufsichtsbehörden und Wirtschaft aus der Finanzwelt ...
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Japan FinTech FestivalMay 23, 2023 5:27:59 PM4 min read

Programme published: How can digital assets, technology for ESG and generative AI make financial markets more efficient and sustainable?

Zurich/Singapore, 23 May 2023: High-ranking decision-makers made up of policymakers, regulators and business leaders from the ...
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Japan FinTech FestivalApr 26, 2023 12:59:41 PM5 min read

Senior Policymakers and Financial Leaders to Convene at Point Zero Forum on Generative AI

Zurich, 16 February 2023: The Swiss State Secretariat for International Finance (SIF) and Elevandi, a company set up by the ...
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  • 26 June 2023
  • 27 June 2023
  • 28 June 2023

DEC Institute

Zürich, Point Zero Forum, Switzerland

DEC Institute partners with Pearson VUE to certify Blockchain, Digital Asset, and Web3 professionals

DEC Institute has partnered with Pearson VUE to deliver examinations for the Chartered Digital Asset Analyst certification worldwide. It is now accessible in 180 countries and in 25´000 test centres. See details in PR.


Finance Swiss

Zürich, Point Zero Forum, Switzerland

FIND ready to go: Swiss Financial Innovation Desk

On 1 September 2023, a new type of office will be established in Switzerland: the Swiss Financial Innovation Desk - FIND. The newly appointed head of FIND, Eva Selamlar, is in the starting blocks.

More details to be shared on-site: 26 June, Monday, 3:00pm - 3:15pm, during the Coffee Break, Networking Foyer, Level 2

Read the press release here 


Green Fintech Network

Zürich, Point Zero Forum, Switzerland

Launch of Green Fintech Network (GFN) association to further Switzerland’s ambition to secure a leading position in sustainable finance

Today marks the launch of the new Swiss Green Fintech Network (GFN) at the Point Zero Forum in Zurich, Switzerland. The three-day event connects policy with technology to drive confidence adoption and growth of transformative technology and promote the appropriate governance and risk frameworks.

More details to be shared on-site: 26 June, Monday, 12:30pm - 2:30pm during the Fostering a Green FinTech Ecosystem - Meeting of the Green FinTech Network, Roundtable 2, Level 2, a dedicated roundtable discussion at the Point Zero Forum, opened by Deputy State Secretary Stefan Flueckiger, GFN’s Honorary President, will discuss needs and challenges, solutions and options for a thriving green fintech ecosystem, and provides an ideal platform for its launch. Read the press release here.


Monetary Authority of Singapore


MAS-led Industry Consortium Releases Toolkit for Responsible Use of AI in the Financial Sector

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) announced today the release of an open-source toolkit to enable the responsible use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the financial industry. Read the press release here.


MAS Proposes Framework for Digital Asset Networks

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) today published a report proposing a framework for designing open, interoperable networks for digital assets (i.e. tokenised real-economy and financial assets ). The report Enabling Open & Interoperable Networks was jointly developed with subject matter experts at the Bank for International Settlements’ (BIS) Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructure (CPMI), with contributions from participating financial institutions. Read the press release here.




NORDEK, a leading blockchain technology startup, will attend the prestigious Point Zero Forum to demonstrate its ground-breaking blockchain infrastructure for payment processing

Dubai-based blockchain startup NORDEK will showcase its groundbreaking payment processing infrastructure at the Point Zero Forum. Read the press release here.


Swiss State Secretariat for International Finance (SIF)

Zürich, Point Zero Forum, Switzerland

Swiss Financial Centre Actors Unite To Help Develop Net-Zero Public Utility

Today at the Point Zero Forum, the Swiss State Secretariat for International Finance (SIF) and four influential associations representing Swiss financial institutions announced the first national-level initiative bringing together public and private institutions to contribute to the development of the Net-Zero Data Public Utility (NZDPU). As part of this agreement, leading Swiss financial institutions will test the platform – an important step towards the launch of a centralized repository to provide free access to verifiable, foundational climate-transition-related data. Read the press release here.

More details to be shared on-site: Data for Net Zero: Views from the Climate Data Steering Committee | Forum Stage | 10:00am - 10:50am


Trust Square

Zürich, Point Zero Forum, Switzerland 

Trust Square Launches New Services For Startups and Entrepreneurs: Business Services And Digital Services

Trust Square, one of the leading providers of innovative solutions for start-ups and entrepreneurs, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new services specifically designed to cater to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. The introduction of Business Services and Digital Services marks an exciting milestone for Trust Square as it expands its comprehensive range of offerings to empower start-ups and help them thrive in today's competitive business landscape. Read the press release here.


Singapore to Establish Global Innovation Lab to Advance Blockchain, Web3 and AI Projects, trusted by more than 80 million customers worldwide and the industry leader in regulatory compliance, security and privacy, announced today a new initiative to establish its first Global Innovation Lab in Singapore, making the city-state its designated global R&D hub. The new Global Innovation Lab team will actively experiment with frontier technologies, and explore new ventures with strategic partners and hackathons, to identify novel applications for blockchain, Web3 and AI. Read the press release here.



Zürich, Point Zero Forum, Switzerland 

Can DeFi achieve sustainable growth?

DeFi has emerged as a powerful and transformative trend within the financial industry, enabled by blockchain technology. It offers numerous benefits, including self-ownership, transparency, programmability, cost reduction, flexibility, and real-time analytics. However, the sustainability of DeFi growth is reliant on on-chain activities, and yields may be low during bear markets. How can DeFi achieve sustainable growth? DigiFT, a regulatory-compliant decentralized exchange (DEX), proposes bridging real-world assets onto the blockchain and ensuring compatibility with existing DeFi applications. Challenges encompass standardized smart contracts, regulatory frameworks, and institutional participation. The article thoroughly analyzes the importance of a regulated approach to real-world asset tokenization, emphasizing the potential for traditional finance and DeFi to coexist and evolve harmoniously. Moreover, it provides a noteworthy best practice example. Read the press release here.



New York

Fireblocks Expands Support for Banking & Financial Institutions with New HSM, Public & Private Cloud Capabilities

Today, Fireblocks, an enterprise platform to manage digital asset operations and build innovative businesses on the blockchain, expands its highly secure MPC-CMP wallet and key management technology to include support for HSMs and public and private cloud, including Thales, Securosys, AWS, GCP, and Alibaba Cloud. These flexible deployment models allow banks and financial institutions to leverage Fireblocks' industry-leading security and technology stack to quickly bring their
digital asset initiatives into production while meeting their risk, compliance, and regulatory requirements. Read the press release here. 


Baker McKenzie


Modularization set to reorder the future market structure of the financial services industry

Leading global law firm Baker McKenzie has published its latest piece in The Next Decade in Fintech series, and explores how modularization will reorder the future market structure or value chain of the financial services industry. Read the press release here.

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