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Elevandi's flagship global platform for entrepreneurial wisdom

The Founders Peak unique and modern stage where exceptional startup founders from around the world boldly share pivotal moments and untold stories from their entrepreneurial journeys, that have shaped who they are. Stories of grit and determination, perseverance and achieving or failing fast and learning.

A TED-inspired, global and powerful platform increasingly recognised for its distinctive value to start-ups. Over the last 18 months, over 200 invited founders from over 30 countries with a combined valuation of over $70Bn and combined funds raised of over $20Bn have graced the stage.

What sets The Founders Peak apart:

  • Aspirational, warm, solo stage 
  • Elevandi's only sector agnostic stage
  • Short, impactful TED-style talks 
  • Talks are released digitally globally 
  • Hand-picked inspiring founders 
  • Trained by Head Curators of TEDxSingapore 
  • Aimed at improving global start-up success rates

The global Founders Peak stage comes to Zurich on 3 July at the Point Zero Forum. Get involved!