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Innovation Tour

Innovation Tours

Gain exclusive access to leading Swiss companies and innovation labs at the Innovation Tours on 1 July, where participants will have the unique opportunity to experience cutting-edge projects and developments. These visits offer a deep dive into the latest trends and technologies driving innovation, providing invaluable insights.

2024 Innovation Tour Partners


Accenture & Google Cloud

Prompt Engineering Lab: How to Create Business Value with GenAI

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Bern University of Applied Science

Privacy, Identity and Payment in the Next Generation Internet at BFH

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BIS Innovation Hub

Exploring the frontier of central banking

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BX Digital

Innovating Digital Asset Trading - The Blockchain Bridge Experience

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CV Labs_400 x 200

CV Labs

A Deep Dive into the World of Blockchain and Web3

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DEC Institute

Mastering Digital Assets - PZF Unplugged

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DFINITY Foundation

Third Generation Blockchain Transforming AI, Cybersecurity and Sustainability

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ETh (1)

ETH Zurich - FinsureTech Hub

Columbia - ETH - NUS FinsureTech Conference

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Home of Blockchain

Alpine Tech Forum: At the cutting-edge of digital assets, blockchain and AI.

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Securing and Scaling out Regulated Digital Assets, Currencies and Networks

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Metrika & Axelar

Interoperability Unlocked: Bridging Blockchain for Finance

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Quantum Center at ETH Zurich

Experiencing State-of-the-Art Quantum Technologies at ETH Zurich

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Swisscom (1)

Swisscom and e.foresight

How Swisscom is Fostering Innovation in the Swiss Banking Sector

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Tenity_400 x 200


Fintech Futures: The Next Wave of Innovation

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University of Zurich, Swiss Fintech Innovation Lab

Global Sustainable Digital Finance Forum

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