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Get Certified

Be ready for the future of finance

Generative AI in Finance

  • Gain in-depth understanding of how Generative AI is transforming the finance industry
  • Learn how to evaluate and use Generative AI-powered tools and technologies from real-world use cases
  • Get awarded a certificate of completion

Programme Format

  • Online (Asynchronous)

Course Fees

  • 1,500, €1,000* 

*All prices quoted are in Euros. 


Rearchitecting the Financial System

  • Learn from the expert speakers at Singapore Fintech Festival 2023
  • Understand how next-generation digital public infrastructures create an inclusive model accessible to all.
  • Learn how new payment linkages can revolutionise global transfers and payments
  • Master the potential of digital assets—stablecoins, tokenised deposits and CBDCs—and how they compare
  • Understand the opportunities offered by platforms for SMEs

Programme Format

  • Online (Asynchronous, 4 hours)

Course Fees

  • General Admission: USD 40 
  • Student Exclusive: USD 20